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Customer Retention

Customer Retention / Pre-Paid Maintenance

With the ever changing environment of the automotive industry, it is imperative to have and maintain a strategy that effectively retains customers, promotes a positive ownership experience and cultivates a long-term relationship.
Recent researches and studies have uncovered several profound and troubling implications for dealership service departments.
Some of these include:
  • Aftermarket chains are increasingly capturing customers.
  • Factory warranties do not indicate where a customer must maintain their vehicles.
  • Industry average of customer retention is a mere 11-17%.
  • Customers are more likely to purchase their next vehicle from where they service their vehicle.
  • Customers are keeping their cars longer than ever before.

Despite being one of a dealer's most important long-term strategies, it is one of the most neglected since only about 24% of dealer's have any kind of customer retention program and even fewer have effective programs.

The "Advantage" Solution

Unlike a manufacturer's or a service provider's retention program, our program promotes the dealer's individual brand and differentiates them from the competion. It may enhance vehicle sales and positively impacts their customer retention.

  • Ideal Customer Retention / Pre-Paid Maintenance Program Available to Both New Car Franchise and Independent Used Car Dealers
  • Dramatically and Effectively Increase Customer Retention
  • Positively Impact Customer Ownership Experience
  • Promotes a Customer "Reward Program" where customer's receive "points" on every dollar spent at YOUR Service Department
  • Create a New Revenue Stream
  • Build and Promote YOUR Dealer Brand Including on Pre-Paid Maintenance Programs Provided by the Manufacturer
  • Dealer Custom Built Program / Reimbursement
  • Email Service Reminders
  • 100% Dealer Control of Proceeds / Forfeiture / Spoilage
  • Full Training / Support / Tracking


Please let us know if you'd like to receive a free sample of the program literature branded with your dealer's name and/or logo.

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