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Reinsurance Programs

Reinsurance Wealth Building

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  • Wealth Preservation
  • Retirement Funding Tool
  • Aquisitions and Expansion Goals
  • A Strategy to Compliment Financial Planning Goals
More and more dealer principals who are not involved in reinsurance are discovering and enrolling in these lucrative programs to significantly contribute to their long term wealth goals.

While many manufacturers are increasingly putting pressure on their dealer principals to supporting factory programs, these sofisticated leaders are using their creativity. Many dealer principals that are encountering this are finding ways to either supplement the manufacturer's programs with an additonal reinsured provider program that will not only provide coverage for vehicles more cost-effectively and outside the manufacturer's band of coverages, but also help achieve their personal goals as well. Still, many are making the conscious decision to completely switch providers all together to dramatically influence and contribute to the growth of their individual long term financial goals.

Reinsurance is the fastest growing resource for long term revenue for dealers. If you are currently not enrolled in a reinsured program, we can provide a free evaluation, a complete outline and proposal for a program that will best fit your individual goals. If you are currently already enrolled in a program, we can provide a free evaluation and proposal for additional streams of revenue.

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